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Find some of the most frequently asked questions here:

1) Can I add more than one fitness certification?

- Yes, however during the onboarding process you can only select one, to add more go to the user profile page (by clicking on your picture), find the fitness certification section and add as much as you want

2) How does the replacement process work?

- It's very simple, just follow the following steps

From the Home screen

1- Select an existing class instance (one class on a specific day and time)

2- Select "Request a replacement", you can enter some notes, confirm the request

3- TINA will send notifications to instructors in the area of the replacement and within their home base range

4- Instructors show interest on your replacement request

5- At anytime you can see your request in the replacements screen, you can see how many instructors are interested by your replacement

6- Select the instructor you want to take over your replacement, he will get notified about it


From the calendar, find one class instance and open it, follow exactly the same process as described above

3) How do I create a new class?

- If you have just installed TINA you will find a "create your first class" button on the home page

- You can also create a new class in the calendar page

- Select if you want to create a recurring class or a unique class instance

- Select the day of the week

- Enter a start and end time

- Change the class rate

- Select the fitness program for this class

- Select the club where you teach this class (if the club does not exist you can search in google maps and add it to the application)

- Confirm the class selection

- A recurring class will be repeated each week at the same time and hour

- a Single class will be created on a single day and time

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